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We offer counseling services for:

  • Children, pre-teen, and Adolecent Therapy
  • Couple and Family Therapy
  • Adult Therapy

If you need someone to help you, or to help someone you love, please call us. Read more

We are experienced in Parental Alienation cases ranging through mild, moderate, and severe. We've studied the work of both Richard A. Gardner, M.D. and Douglas Darnall, Ph.D. Expert testimony has been given in court cases regarding PAS, and have successfully had it accepted as fact based on our testimony. Our range of courtroom work includes contested custody, restraining order hearings, and DCYF cases. We've been instrumental in Family Court decisions that reversed custody from the alienating parent to the targeted parent.

If you are in need of these unique services, please call our office.

As as Certified Divorce Mediator, we will help you and your spouse make our own decisions regarding what you both want in your divorce decree. This would include visitation with children, division of assets, retirement accounts, child support, and more.

Although there are certain Rhode Island Laws that need to be adhered to, we will help you both understand these laws. We will remain neutral between the two spouses. We will listen to both sides with empathy and understanding to work through this difficult time and resolve it in a positive... read more

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